Postdoctoral positions in functional genomics and neurobiology

We are interested in recruiting postdocs who are interested in utilizing functional genomics and stem cell tools to investigate the epigenome and the 3D genome structure during neural development and in neurological disease conditions.

  • PhD in stem cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, or bioinformatics, people with extensive experience in derivation of neural stem cells and neurons from hESCs/iPSCs, and high throughput molecular cloning are preferred.
  • Knowledge of Perl or R (Bioconductor) is a plus, but not required


Graduate students

We are seeking motivated graduate students from TETRAD, PSPG, DSCB, BMI, Neuroscience, and BMS programs to participating in one of the following multidisciplinary projects:

  1. Investigate the contributions of genetic variations to neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.
  2. Studying the 3D genome structure in the various neuronal cell types, particularly interactions between enhancers and their target genes by HiC and/or capture HiC.
  3. High throughput functional characterization of putative regulatory sequences in the mammalian genome utilizing CRISPR genome editing.
  4. Understand the regulatory control/fine tuning of key developmental genes that are broadly expression across multiple stem cell populations.