Current Lab members

Yin Shen, Ph.D.

Principle Investigator

Xingjie Ren, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

As the saying goes, "Interest is the best teacher." I found myself that I had fallen in love with biomedical research when I was a graduate student. Many interesting biomedical questions that needed to be uncovered triggered me in achieving my Ph.D. degree at Tsinghua University. During my graduate years at THU, I entered the field of CRISPR, a powerful biotechnology. Transitioning from THU to UCSF, I joined the Shen lab where I believe I could contribute to understanding human diseases with my background knowledge in CRISPR and drosophila genetics. Here in the Shen lab, I will shift my focus from Drosophila genetics to human genetics. In my spare time, I like photography and playing sports.


Michael Song, M.S.

PSPG Graduate student


Lenka Maliskova, M.S.

Research Associate

I have graduated from SFSU in 2015 with M.S. degree in Biomedical Science as a CIRM scholar. I completed my internship at Dr. Ahituv's lab at UCSF where cis-regulatory regions were dissected and studied and I took a great interest in this science niche. I'm interested in innovative research that at the same time strives to advance scientific knowledge and where scientific discoveries broaden our understanding of the workings of the non-coding regions in our DNA. In my free time I like to bake and try out new recipes. I immensely enjoy reading good science fiction, as well as spending time in nature.

Jonghoon Chang (John), B.S.

Junior Specialist

I have a B.S. degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from University of California, Davis. Before I joined the Shen lab, I had worked in the Dinesh-Kumar lab at UC Davis and studied the molecular mechanism of plant immune responses. I plan to expand my understanding of biomedicine through research on the genetic make-up of human diseases. In my spare time, I like to travel.

Ian Jones, B.A.

Junior Specialist

I recently graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology with an emphasis in Genetics. While at UC Berkeley, I had the opportunity to join the Glass Lab and work to identify the roles of the functional domains of zinc binuclear cluster transcription factors involved in plant cell wall degradation in N. crassa. Now at the Shen lab, I am excited to learn and grow as a scientist as I have always been fascinated by the field of epigenetics. In my free time, I love to play and watch sports with friends.


Former Lab members

Year Left Name Position at Shen Lab Current Position
2015 Yien-Ming Kuo, Ph.D. Specialist Morphology Core Director at Ophthalmology Department, UCSF
2016 Jean Badroos Work Study Undergraduate from UC Berkeley Undergraduate at UC Berkeley
2016 Seokho Kim, Ph.D. Post-Doctoral Scholar Postdoc at Stanford University
2016 Gabrielle Kleyner Summer Intern Undergraduate at Rutgers University
2016 Vasco Morais CIRM Intern Undergraduate at UC Davis
2016 Yuan Wang (Simon), Ph.D. Post-Doctoral Scholar Postdoc at Harvard University